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The Equine Directory is providing a revolutionary resource for all horse affiliated clubs and associations to promote and personalize who they are, what they do with horses and where to find them! Adding superb value to this, we provide you the opportunity of promoting your competitions, clinics and workshops. An absolutely amazing service, all for FREE!

Exclusive to the Equine Directory, is the opportunity of keeping all you club details up to date, without the expense of maintaining a website, and of course, finding someone keen enough or experienced to do it.

Looking to advertise you Competition, Clinic or Website getting the best exposure, and not having to factor the expense into your profits? Your time is valuable? Isn’t it?

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How awesome to be able to upload your program here on the Equine Directory, instead of being exhausted by the constant phone calls and emails from prospective competitors? No longer, do you need to factor in the time of taking enquiries and sending out programs. You can simply check the mail box for entries leading up to your event!

How time consuming is it to get sponsors for you events? The Equine Directory provides a unique opportunity to do the same work that you would do gaining sponsors, but giving them something in return and having them connected financially to your club, for more than just one event. For more information on how this works click here Sponsorship Program

Are you a small club and looking to co-host trainers, coaches or instructors and can’t afford the expense or gain enough interest from your club members to do this? Imagine the connections you will be able to make with different types of clubs in your area contacting them directly and being able to invite them to share opportunities to promote and provide clinics and workshops.

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